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Owning Stocks Affects Your Taxes

old couple doing taxesGet ready for tax season by understanding how owning and selling stocks can affect your taxes.

Donít Freak Out! You Can File an Amended Tax Return

lady doing her taxesFind out how to file an amended tax return and regain peace of mind after Tax Day.

How Income Streams Are Taxed in Retirement

peaceKeep your taxes as manageable as possible in retirement.

Taxes from History Youíll Be Glad You Donít Have to Pay!

kid on chairLearn how much more you would have had to pay in taxes if you liked wearing hats, burning candles, or taking a bath!

Gift Tax: When Your Generosity Should Be Reported to the IRS

girl hading friend a giftLearn how gift taxes work and when you need to file a gift tax return.

Value-Added Tax & Duty-Free Shopping while Traveling

duty freePlan your next vacation budget better when you understand these taxes.